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If you like battling games, then you should definitely check your war skills in Tank Trouble 3. The game is fun and you can progress in the game by shooting the tanks of your enemy as soon as possible. You can play this game in a multiplayer mode for one, two or three players. So, get prepared to use your best war strategies as to shoot as many tanks as you can.

Check your battling skills by playing Tank Trouble 3How to test your war skills – instructions
Tank Trouble 3 is composed of 40 interesting levels, as well as 5 modes of difficulty. All levels can be generated randomly. You have to focus on destroying your opponent’s tanks. The evil powers are trying to kill the innocents by sending their force tanks and you have to be ready all the time to destroy all these evil power tanks. The best feature is that the game world is continuously changing and as a result the gamers do face a number of insane You need to face large explosions and force tanks as you level up in the game. Remember that each player has a special colour of tank, like red, blue or green. As you proceed in this amazing war game you must be concentrated and ready to avoid the shots of your enemy.

Check out the basic controls of this game
You need to remember the various controls and use them wisely. The keys on the keyboard for navigating your tank in the game world. When you have to shoot the projectiles in direction of the enemy tanks then you have to press M but you need to face your tank in the direction of the war tanks of your opponent. The game is very simple to play and you do not need to know wide range of controls. During the game, you may notice a number of icons on the map (power-ups). You should aim them and this way you can have the chance to gain new weapons and boost your performance in the game. In addition, you need to remember that if you play this amazing battling game by yourself you have the red that and be careful to make use of the various arrow keys, in order to be able to move forward. For example, you can use the space key for targeting and being able to shoot your enemy.

Keep also in mind that there is a wide variety of exceptional weapons in the game and you need to choose the best for you and test your battle skills.